FOOD & Drinks

Rice & Curry

A favourite amongst villagers and city dwellers, rice and curry serves as the staple diet of many folk. Found in many varieties such as red and white rice, one could select from a wide choice of veggie and meat dishes to truly complement a memorable culinary journey. Also a host of other accompaniments ranging from coconut sambol, pickle and dried fish can be included.

Other main food items

Variety is synonymous with Sri Lankan food. Hence you will be taken through a dazzling array of succulent treats aimed at arousing your taste buds. Whether you are at a hotel or out sightseeing on the busy streets of Colombo, items such as kottu, hoppers, pittu, string hoppers and rotti made complete with a dash of chilli sambol would be readily available.


Happen to be holidaying by the coast? Then why not pick and choose from an assortment of seafood dishes, prepared in accordance with recipes that have thrilled foodies the world over. From juicy jumbo prawns to spicy crab curry, these dishes will not only provide diners with a fabulous experience, but would also serve as a great insight into local food traditions.


Whether it is a mix of buffalo curd with coconut treacle or vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce, the desserts found in Sri Lanka are sure to make you want to crave for more. Numerous ice cream parlours can be found which are excellent places to catch up with friends. If you are staying at a hotel or resort, fresh fruit platters can be easily indulged in.

Traditional Sweets

The best time to get a taste of the traditions and customs of the country would be during the religious festivals that are held throughout the year. Hot oil cakes referred to as ‘kavum’, ‘aluwa’ and ‘kokis’ can be enjoyed during the Sinhala and Tamil New Year while ‘Watalappam’, a pudding made with jaggery and egg white will be offered during the celebration of Ramazan.


Be it sweet oranges, bananas to the freshest strawberries that arrive from the cool climes of Nuwara Eliya, one is left with plenty to delight in. Many varieties of mangoes can be enjoyed while having a papaya juice will be a good way to begin the day. For those wanting an exotic twist, fruits such as rambutan, durian, mangosteen & pomegranate are among those that must be tried at least once.